Life during COVID 19 has brought its set of struggles. Juggling work meetings from home with cooking, cleaning, and catching up on gossip is exhausting. As gyms are ordered to remain shut, even amidst the lockdown, most dedicated workaholics have turned to yoga. Yoga has long been the talk of the town – from B-town celebrities to the PM of India, practicing yoga is a part of everyone’s routine.

Yoga asanas, coupled with pranayama, can improve flexibility, strengthen bones, enhance balance, and even boost the body’s immunity. Not just that, regular practice can also help to reduce stress and other mental conditions. And the best part – you don’t even need any fancy equipment or workout outfit to practice yoga. Now we are not trying to guilt-trip you but how about a deal? For every three episodes, you have to do a yoga pose. Since you are already dressed in your most…

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