The simplest way to stay protected from common ailments, strengthen the mind and body is practicing yoga daily. In some ways, good hygiene and proper eating habits are beneficial, but yoga for immunity can also improve the body’s ability to combat infection and enable you to live a healthy and happy life. As a way to strengthen the defense system of the body, Yogic experts encourage the daily practice of yoga and meditation. An efficient immune system allows you to combat pathogens, keeping you healthy and free from any ailments.

Here are a few yoga poses/asanas intended to provide you with the additional benefits of improved immunity. 

#1 Eagle pose or Garudasana.

Garudasana is a standing yoga pose in which one arm has to be twisted with the other and one leg has to be twisted with the other which makes the pose look like an Eagle bird.


  1. Take a squat chair pose. 
  2. While putting…

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