This crunchy bright colored fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Apples are cultivated worldwide, with their origin traced to Central Asia and are rich in vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and various antioxidants. You can have apples as a stand-alone snack in the middle of a busy day or eat them as a part of salads, smoothies, pies, and desserts; they will never disappoint you. Apples are quite filling, considering their low-calorie count. Multiple studies have revealed that eating apples can have various health benefits.

This article will not only tell you everything you need to know about apples, but also answer a few basic questions regarding their benefits to your health and more.

Table of Contents

Nutritional Facts of Apple

A medium Apple with a diameter of about 3 inches is equal to 1.5 cups of fruit and offers the following nutrients:-

  • Calories – 95
  • Fiber –…

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